When you choose LinkNow Media to host, design and optimize your small business’s website, you will hear our representatives put a lot of emphasis on reviews. Specifically, we will stress that your business needs to get positive reviews on Google.

Now, you probably already know that potential customers are hesitant to take their business to a company or organization they know nothing about. No customer wants a negative experience or the feeling that they have wasted time or money. That’s why firsthand accounts, no matter how vague or detailed, from those who have done business with you or acquired your services are such a premium. User reviews are a way for consumers to gauge whether a business is worth their time and their money. Having no reviews is just as bad as having negative ones.

Aside from the practical application of letting potential customers gauge whether your services are worthwhile or not (not to mention, the ability to tailor your services or make adjustments based on the feedback from your customers), there is another reason why LinkNow Media values reviews.

The reason LinkNow Media cares about reviews so much is because Google reviews can affect your search ranking. People discover businesses and services by searching for them online. Only a select few still flip through the phonebook to find the services they need. And to convert search queries into customers, your LinkNow Media website needs to be as visible as possible. This means ranking among the top results on Google for your area.

The first result for any Google search typically nets an average share of 32.5% of traffic and it immediately begins to drop off. The number two result of an average Google share holds about a 17% traffic share, 11% for the number three spot and as little as 1% if you are on the second page.

Thanks to our SEO expertise, we can take measures to improve your search ranking, but one of the factors that is increasingly important to ranking higher for your desired keywords is having reviews.

How Reviews Impact Your Local SEO

Search engines love online reviews because the engineers behind them know how important online reviews are to users. Remember, search engines are in the business of providing people with the most accurate and useful information. The better they can provide satisfying results, the better they can retain their usership.

One of the ways they can quickly determine if recommending your business will be useful to their users is by factoring what other people have said about your business. So, to improve your website’s visibility, it is important to remember that asking satisfied customers to review your business on Google can dramatically improve how many people are finding your business.

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