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Month: August 2017

Michael S.

My firm was rethinking its marketing approach. Our revised plan necessitated a downsizing of the services provided by LinkNow. The LinkNow staff was very helpful in facilitating this change. There was no “hard sell” or other pressure trying to get my firm to maintain its previous higher priced plan. This was a relief and encourages us to look to LinkNow later when we are more appropriately positioned to use LinkNow’s higher priced site optimization/marketing plans.

Mike M.

I wanted to thank you for the good work LinkNow Media has been doing for Mathers Electric’s Google Listings.

I googled Electricians Tallahassee FL and we came up on the first page, real close to the top. We have a 5 star rating and 10 excellent google
Reviews. I did not see another electric company with a 5 star rating. Before I started using LinkNow Media I could not get this to happen.

No matter how much I payed other companies. We now get most of our new business from the Web (Google).

Sincerely and forever grateful, Mike Mathers

President of Mathers Electric Co., Inc.

A concept image of a magnifying glass with a wooden handle on a textured white surface showing the word authentic but magnifying the word fake resembling counterfeitting

Receiving Fake Reviews From Competitors

In this day and age, dishonest companies have been able to stoop to new lows by attempting to damage their competitor’s reputation online with fake reviews.

While it may not be immediately obvious that a competitor is attacking you, a quick check through their other reviews should give you a clue. They are likely attacking other similar businesses in the area. If negative reviews are posted on other competitor’s pages within a tight timeframe, you’ve got the start of a case.

Fake and negative reviews are tricky to deal with. Always do your research before dealing with them, or you may be responding inappropriately to someone who is simply expressing their displeasure. Remember—there is such thing as a legitimate negative review. Take these as constructive criticism, and respond politely.

Tact at All Times

When responding to a fake negative review from your competitor, practice tact at all times. Whether this negative review is legitimate or not, treat it with the same respect. Follow these steps to compose a polite and professional response:


Literally. Breathing exercises will calm you down, so take a few deep breaths.

Don’t take it personally.

A difficult one, but part of being a professional.

Address the issue.

Start your response off by repeating their complaint. For example: I understand that you (insert situation here).

State your core values.

Inform the reviewer of your business’ core values and why they don’t match with what happened.

Make a game plan.

Tell the reviewer what you plan to do to remedy the situation. If this is a competitor leaving a fake review, you likely will not actually do this because the situation did not occur. But, existing and potential customers will appreciate seeing what you would do if it really had happened.

Say thank you.

Thank the negative reviewer for their constructive criticism and invite them back to experience your business again in a better light sometime in the future.

Even if you expect this review to be removed, there will be wait time. Writing a proper response is of value to your future clients. Don’t lose business and allow your competitor to accomplish what they came to your review page for in the first place.

Keep on Keeping on

Being a business owner will always come with its ups and downs. This is what professionalism is all about! Practice being a professional adult at all times, flag inappropriate reviews and represent yourself well.

Should Google not agree with your report, you can always escalate the situation, encourage friends and family to flag the reviews as well, and tweet @GoogleSmallBiz to hurry the process along.

Like with school yard bullying, a reaction is always what a troll wants, so give them a minimal one. In the end, you make your own reputation in the business world and can overcome anything by keeping a cool head.

Woman with long nose isolated on grey wall background. Liar concept. Human face expressions, emotions, feelings.

How to Report Inappropriate or Fake Reviews

Reviews are the most powerful marketing tool any business can use. Word of mouth is the best kind of marketing you can receive. To drive word of mouth online, you’ll need to build up reviews.

For business’ currently not using reviews, keep in mind customers are less likely to visit a business that has a minimal online presence. People want to know what to expect so photos, websites and reviews are important. Note, the numbers:

67%The percentage of customers influenced by reviews

22% The percentage of existing customers you can lose with one bad review

59.2% The percentage of existing customers you can lose with three bad reviews

70% The percentage of existing customers you can lose with four or more bad reviews

Reviews are normally a great way to see what your customers are really thinking and maybe even improve on your services. But what happens when you receive reviews you know are inappropriate, or even fake?

Inappropriate Reviews

Negative reviews are never fun, but they can be helpful. However, sometimes they are not.

Google has review guidelines that try to prevent reviews like this, but they can slip through the cracks.

To report an inappropriate review to Google, follow the instructions on this page:


As stated in the article, the review can take a few days to be assessed. So, while you wait for the results, leave a calm and collected response for anyone that happens upon it.

Provide a simple, straightforward explanation of the interaction between yourself and the customer, or if there was none, state this fact. Then kindly request the removal of the review.

Fake Reviews

Like with other inappropriate reviews, when you receive a fake review the first step is to respond.

If the review is generally fake (someone with a personal vendetta, or who just enjoys stirring the pot) no matter how reasonable you are, they will not relent. Don’t let this concern you.

By being mature in your response, you inform your existing and prospective customers that you take all reviews seriously and are dedicated to ensuring negative experiences do not reoccur.

Finally, flag the review as a policy violation.

Tip: Ask friends to flag the review as well. If it’s written like a legitimate complaint, it’s more difficult for Google to determine whether or not it is fake. There is power in numbers in situations like this!

Stay Calm

Some reviews can be pesky to get rid of. As a business owner, seeing that negative comment showing up whenever you search for your business can be deeply frustrating.

Remember not to panic. This has happened before, and Google is able to deal with it. Remain calm and present your case to Google Small Business Support, and send some tweets to @GoogleSmallBiz if all you get is radio silence.

The way you respond to reviews is representative of your company as a whole. Always stay calm, keep it simple, and treat positive and negative reviewers with the same respect you’d want to receive yourself.

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