A customer base is the oxygen of business. You simply cannot exist without it. As a small business owner, you should not be afraid to say thank you to the life source of your company. Demonstrating your gratitude through actions is a much more impactful way through which you can show that you care about your customers. Here are a few ways to thank your clientele.

Educate your customers and help them obtain new “insider” knowledge of your niche. As an expert in your field, you should make an effort to share your expertise with your most loyal patrons. The more your clients know about your industry, the more they will come to understand the value of the service or product your provide. 

Bring attention to your customers in an online setting. Contact and thank customers directly over Twitter, Facebook, or other social media platforms. Display your gratitude for their business by trying to make your message as sincere and personal as possible. Go as a far as featuring them on your business website or wall to make them feel truly valued. 

Give back. Channel this appreciation for your most loyal customers into something that will benefit the world. Reach out to a select few of your clients and offer to make a donation on their behalf to whichever cause they would like to support. As always, the most memorable customer appreciation programs are the most creative. 

Host a customer party. Invite a group of passionate customers to a fun event such as a boat cruise, picnic, barbecue or anything you can think of! Not only will this solidify the loyalty of your most devoted customers, but it serves as a promotional tool as they will be sure to tell their friends and family about the great time they had at your event.  

As we talked about before, customer feedback should not be ignored. There is no better way than showing customers that you value their input than actually implementing their recommendations. 

Refer business to your customers. Demonstrate your gratitude by finding opportunities to send business their way. 

However you choose to thank your customers, be sure that you are being both thoughtful and sincere!