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Month: October 2015

Customer Feedback

A Few Neat Ways to Utilize Customer Feedback

It wasn’t too long ago when the process of getting customer feedback was burdensome, time-consuming, and often futile. Fortunately for businesses, the world of customer feedback has transformed tremendously in recent years with the advent of social media and smartphones. Today, more than ever, there are far fewer barriers standing between business owners and their patrons. With all this feedback, you may be wondering how to best utilize it. Here is a list featuring a few awesome ways that you can use this feedback to impress your customers and improve your business strategies.

Tweak your product or service based on information you procured directly from your customer base. The adage “the customer is always right,” may be trite, but it rings true here. Any business owner will tell you how difficult it is to get in the mind of a consumer. Therefore, heed the advice of customers that are willing to provide it, both positive and negative. Your customers will be ecstatic that you are taking the initiative, to not only listen, but act upon their suggestions. 

Use all the feedback you get from your customers as a tool to motivate and inspire your employees. You can achieve this by placing all this positive feedback on a physical wall in the workplace or simply by sharing digitally with your employees. Doing so, will help show workers that they are having a positive effect on people’s lives. Furthermore, you can create an online page, as we did here, that features all this feedback, demonstrating the value of your service or product to a prospective customer.

If customers do, in fact, take the time to give constructive and useful feedback, you should reward them. In turn, this motivates customers to share their thoughts and provide you with helpful information. The reward can range from giving them an exclusive sneak-peak of an upcoming product, sending them a t-shirt, or writing them a personalized letter.  

Lastly, use your imagination. These are just a few helpful tips, but don’t be afraid to try out something completely unique. Most importantly, always value any feedback a customer is willing to provide. 

Peter Hughes

I have been doing business with LinkNow Media for a couple of years. They have been instrumental in creating not only my Web site but my “Brand”. Due to their efforts I have actually been able to create a brand. At the center of that is Gio Ghaderi, he has been not only a designer but the creative force that has done the heavy lifting so that the look and feel of my Web site is exactly what the world needs to see in relation to Renaissance Interior Design. We have a communication that is both contentious and creative and it brings us to a point of inventive consensus. It is to say the least a rich and always productive. I would say to any potential client that you will be will represented by LinkNow Media!!!• • •

Sabine Schulte

LinkNow is currently working on an new webpage for my Yoga and Holistic Health Studio. As of today, I can only say best things about the services I received so far. LinkNow is very professional and they know how to work with people who intend to get a new webpage including hosting tailored to their needs and wishes in regards of design. I am currently working with Jennifer Allen, who is most competent, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Also important for me and my high expectations on the end result is, that Jennifer is VERY patient and always promptly answers all the many questions I have either per email or on the phone. At this point I am very positive and excited how the webpage will turn out. I will write another review, when the project is completed! 😉 :-)

Ron R.

I had designed my website on GoDaddy myself and it was a little cheesy to say the least.  Then the guys from LinkNow called and did a very professional site for me and it was affordable!  Andrew, Web Designer @ LinkNow Media recently freshened it up and it looks terrific.  He also added a moble site.  These guys do an amazing job.  They are affordable and their work is terrific.  I highly recommend them.

Jason C.

I used to have a lousy website and did not know the first thing about how to look good on the web. LinkNow Media called me up and had a prototype first draft already done and looking great. With a reasonably priced monthly plan and low cost start up fee we started a great relationship, and a web site that works like an F-16 fighter jet- Fast, packs a punch and gets lookie-loos to actually call me to book massages. Gustavo is my assigned designer and he rocks, and is very quick to respond to changes I need made every time. 

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