LinkNow set up a website for me over a year ago that was a dramatic improvement from my previous site. I was very happy to be working with a company in Montréal. Then, they gave me a call to educate me on the new requirements for mobile friendly sites. We spent about two months getting the site up (as I’m a massage therapist and didn’t have a lot of time daily to devote to updates), they worked with me on a payment plan, and the new site is better than I could have expected. Updates are completed in record time, I was having difficulty with emails on my phone and tablet, and tech support called me less than ten minutes after putting in the request. Issue was solved in less than ten minutes. Pretty dang amazing. Jon Borshy connected with me three months after we set up plans for the website to see how it was all going and to follow up on marketing for the site as well. All in all, a great experience and I am quite happy with the end result.