I was looking to redesign and update my web site after several years and began looking for new web designers. My previous firm had done a reasonable job but not exciting job. During my search LinkNow Media contacted me and we went over my needs and examples of sites they had done. They came off, from the start, as being more “together”, more conscious of what I wanted and more willing to work with me. After signing up, I provided via a questionnaire, many of my needs and expectations and also, in my case, links to a number of sites that I felt were well-designed, provided the message that I wanted to convey and were in the same industry (architecture). The latter was most important because many web designers had “vanilla” prototypes that were ill-suited for my expectations. My assigned designer Gio Ghaderi, immediately produced several prototypes that were “right on”. We continued to develop the site with back-an-forth dialogue, samples, more input from me, many adjustments and tweaks by Gio. We got to know each other very well, discussed the fortunes and misfortunes of Arsenal FC and he continued to respond to my comments or criticisms in a positive manner by trying things out to show me how they looked or how or why they might not. The final product turned out to be better than I had anticipated and response from those who had seen my previous site and the new one was, as expected, in the vein of “it’s about time” or “what took so long to get a much better site?”. Needless to say, I owe much of the final product to Gio’s efforts, professional and abilities. I should add that since completing the web site, I have been approached on several occasions by other architects intending to rebuild or redesign their sites and inquiring about LinkNow Media. Not surprisingly, I have told them, in glowing terms, about my very positive experience with the entire staff and, of course, my designer. If you are thinking of redesigning your site or starting one for the first time, look no further than LinkNow Media. They are great!