I began the process in March 2011 after receiving a sample for a standard template website from LinkNow Media. I had been considering a new website for some time and that prodded me into action. Gauderic Perignon was assigned to me as designer. It quickly became clear to me that I would have to take the lead in the design, feel and navigation in order to get the character of website that graphically expressed the uniqueness of my architecture. Once we had a working concept I began to find more images and information than I ever thought possible and it expanded way beyond the original intent. In fact it became more of an archive of 53 years or architecture rather than marketing tool. Throughout the two year ordeal, Gauderic was exceedingly patient with me in my crazy quest for perfection and always responded cheerfully and professionally. He offered me great freedom in his willingness to explore all design and navigation ideas until I was completely satisfied. He seemed to have the ability to flow along with my thinking and offer just the right suggestion form improvements at just the right time. I would have to say that Gauderic was the perfect web designer to have been assigned to my project and was a great pleasure to work with.