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Elena H.

Without Chloe LinkNow wouldn’t be what it is! Having a friendly voice on the other end of the phone who always returns your call is imperative! Customer Service is crucial when it comes to any business & getting results immediately makes a difference. We have been very pleased with our website & still haven’t had the time to put some work into fine tuning it. Initially we received a call from another young lady who knew exactly how to sell & how to come up with a feasible payment plan that would work for us. I usually am hesitant in spending and stick to a strict budget however, in this case my gut feeling said go for it. The only thing that I think they can improve on would be the marketing end of the business. Overall, the people at LinkNow are very nice,professional, and get back to you promptly. I see Chloe having the potential to be very successful. It takes a great team to make a successful business and having the ability to think outside the box. Dollar for Dollar pound per pound you will get your monies worth! Thank you LinkNow for approaching us when we didn’t even have a website yet. Timing is everything.


 Hi, Having dealt with several web page design companies in the past, being a business owner I can say without a doubt, that I was more than satisfied with my first experience with LinkNow Media. I found their service, tone of email, quick responses and professionalism far surpassed my previous experiences with other Web page design companies. They set up my Web site quickly and without error. I would also like to personally thank Adina, Mike, Lee, Moe, Kevin, Andrew and…. LinkNow Media Staff for their great professionalism, quality of service and competence. I would highly recommend LinkNow Media!

Joshua McGirk

LinkNow set up a website for me over a year ago that was a dramatic improvement from my previous site. I was very happy to be working with a company in Montréal. Then, they gave me a call to educate me on the new requirements for mobile friendly sites. We spent about two months getting the site up (as I’m a massage therapist and didn’t have a lot of time daily to devote to updates), they worked with me on a payment plan, and the new site is better than I could have expected. Updates are completed in record time, I was having difficulty with emails on my phone and tablet, and tech support called me less than ten minutes after putting in the request. Issue was solved in less than ten minutes. Pretty dang amazing. Jon Borshy connected with me three months after we set up plans for the website to see how it was all going and to follow up on marketing for the site as well. All in all, a great experience and I am quite happy with the end result.

Phillis Alexander

I use LinkNow Media for my catering business website and have been extremely pleased with the service. My Account Executive calls periodically to check to see if I am satisfied with the results that the website has produced and/or if I would like to add to or change it in any way. I appreciate their expertise and customer service and I highly recommend them.

Angie Armstrong

Mike Davis one of the Great NinjaTechs @ LinkNowMedia, he knows how to get the job done, he makes sure you are fully taken care before he lets you off the phone. He is very patience, so if you’re the person who knows nothing about smartphones and your Boss wants his phone working properly; call LinkNowMedia and they will hold your hand every step of the way and learn a few things about smartphones. Thank you LinkNowMedia~

Ron Riecks

We have been using LinkNow for 5 years or so to handle our website. We are delighted with the product they produced and their follow up in maintaining it. We also have them doing a SEO program and it is producing results. Their people are pleasant, helpful and professional. Great company and they do a great job. We are lucky enough to work with MacKenzie and she is a rock star.

Tricia McCulloh

My experience with Linknow Media was great. I was very happy with the service and the quick and courteous customer service, Kyle the customer service agent, and the rest of the Linknow team was very helpful and informative. I highly recommend them.

Peter Hughes

I have been doing business with LinkNow Media for a couple of years. They have been instrumental in creating not only my Web site but my “Brand”. Due to their efforts I have actually been able to create a brand. At the center of that is Gio Ghaderi, he has been not only a designer but the creative force that has done the heavy lifting so that the look and feel of my Web site is exactly what the world needs to see in relation to Renaissance Interior Design. We have a communication that is both contentious and creative and it brings us to a point of inventive consensus. It is to say the least a rich and always productive. I would say to any potential client that you will be will represented by LinkNow Media!!!• • •

Sabine Schulte

LinkNow is currently working on an new webpage for my Yoga and Holistic Health Studio. As of today, I can only say best things about the services I received so far. LinkNow is very professional and they know how to work with people who intend to get a new webpage including hosting tailored to their needs and wishes in regards of design. I am currently working with Jennifer Allen, who is most competent, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Also important for me and my high expectations on the end result is, that Jennifer is VERY patient and always promptly answers all the many questions I have either per email or on the phone. At this point I am very positive and excited how the webpage will turn out. I will write another review, when the project is completed! 😉 :-)

Ron R.

I had designed my website on GoDaddy myself and it was a little cheesy to say the least.  Then the guys from LinkNow called and did a very professional site for me and it was affordable!  Andrew, Web Designer @ LinkNow Media recently freshened it up and it looks terrific.  He also added a moble site.  These guys do an amazing job.  They are affordable and their work is terrific.  I highly recommend them.

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